Deja vu Spirit Reunion

The Spirit Reunion is normally held in Memorial Cemetery on the evening of the Rural Heritage Day celebration in Ste. Genevieve.  However, for 2020,  the Rural Heritage celebration event has been cancelled, therefore this year's Spirit Reunion will be a separate event and will be held on the evening of Saturday Oct. 24 from 5-8pm. 

IMPORTANT FOR THIS YEAR'S SPIRIT REUNION is the fact that the "spirits" will be wearing masks, and will be appropriately distanced.  In addition, mask-wearing by the attendees will be encouraged as well.


Come explore Missouri's oldest cemetery where visitors that night experience the stories of early pioneers of Ste. Genevieve by lantern light.  Although close to Halloween, the intent of the Spirit Reunion is not to be "scary", but rather educational, as you'll see local people in period costume standing near "their final resting place" and telling about their lives, loves, and perhaps how they died.  You will have the opportunity to meet and hear about Missouri's Model Senator and his wife who was buried twice, and the reason why.  There's an aristocrat who fled the French Revolution, and another killed in a politically motivated street fight, a priest, known as the "Patriot Priest", Missouri's first United States representative, a Civil War colonel killed at the Battle of Shiloh, the daughter of a Spanish era Commandant, the first Commandant appointed by the Americans after the Louisiana Purchase transfer, a victim of a steamboat explosion, a child whose life was cut short by cholera, plus Mississippi River trappers, traders, and Native Americans. From stories about life along the Mississippi and early exploration, to agricultural and domestic customs of early Ste. Genevieve, come learn and be entertained at the same time.  


The cost for this family friendly event is $10 for adults aged 19 and older, $5 for students aged 6-18, and those 5 and under get in free. The money raised is used to help fund the Foundation's on-going projects.

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