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King's Ball

Save the date! February 1, 2025

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Sponsored by the Foundation for Restoration, the King's Ball will be held at the VFW Hall in Ste. Genevieve on Saturday night Feb 1, 2025.  A truly unique event with a rich tradition is the King's Ball. (renamed Queen's Ball in leap years).


Have you ever wanted to learn the Virginia Reel, the Paddle Dance, or the Shottish?  Here's your opportunity.  Traditional music with a dance caller to guide you through each dance, you'll see people of all ages giving it a go on the dance floor.  Some dances require a partner, others don't. Waltz, Square Dance, or Shottish with the same partner, or try the Circle Waltz or Paddle Dance and keep changing partners.  This is the one place where you'll see teenagers dancing with senior citizens, and both having a grand time.


Entertainment for this year's event will be provided by renowned fiddle artist Dennis Stroughmatt, and L'Esprit Creole, and dance calling by Deborah Hyland.    

Cost for the event is $15 for adults and $10 for students, and the proceeds support the Foundation's projects.  Attendees are encouraged to bring food to eat and share with their table.  For those over 21, beer, wine and mixed drinks are available for purchase. Soft drinks and water for the younger dancers.  During the first intermission, the search for "Baby Jesus" in the King's Cake to determine the new "King and Queen of Ste. Genevieve" and their court is held.      

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